Welcome to Cascadia

Cascadia is a platform built to understand and incentivize positive consumer behavior.

Amazon’s first principle is Customer Obsession, which states that leaders start with the customer and work backwards. Working backwards is a mental model that keeps customers at the center of everything Amazon does, ensuring they’re not building technology for its own sake.

At Cascadia, we embrace the concept of working backwards. By understanding the context and background behind each individual’s needs — what drives them, what motivates them — we’re better able to craft products that will serve our users.

Cascadia is a hybrid, layer-1 blockchain building incentive layers for distributed networks. The incentive layer is one of the most fundamentally important DLT components, affecting all elements of the blockstack. However, this subject has largely been ignored to date, given the difficulty of tackling this subject matter. Proper incentive design requires a fundamental re-examination of blockchain architecture from first principles.

Cascadia is an EVM-compatible network optimized for fairness, speed, and security. We've adopted CosmWasm and the CometBFT consensus algorithm due to its flexibility and ease of customization. As pioneers of the neo-cybernetic movement, we're committed to developing innovative solutions to web3's problems via social and artificial intelligence. Cascadia seeks to create a unique value proposition by diving deeper than the consensus layer, to explore incentive alignment within distributed systems.

Cascadia's anticipated success can be attributed to the unwavering commitment of over five hundred global contributors. We're immensely proud of our talented and diverse community and are confident that together, we'll redefine what's possible with blockchain technology.

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